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Siberian Hawthorn Dried Berries Powder Dried Juice 300g (10.58oz) Wild Harvested Crataegus Sanguinea from Altai

Siberian Green Red Hawthorn Dried Berries Powder Dried Juice, 300g, manufactured by Best Value Organic in Siberia, Altai region. Ingredients: Whole Red Hawthorn Dried Berries 100% (Crataegus Sanguinea pall) ground into fine powder. Crataegus sanguinea (common names redhaw hawthorn or Siberian hawthorn) is a species of hawthorn that is native to southern Siberia. Non treaded, natural, wild-harvested and has nothing added. Does not contain seed - ground to fine powder. Store in a cool dry place, at room temperature.

Red Hawthorn Berries is common botanical in Siberia, Altai region of Southern Siberia – a herb traditionally used for herbal teas and tinctures. Now you could make hawthorn juice using this fine powder!

Siberian Red Hawthorn Berries powder can be infused into a liquid such as vinegar, or simply juice. Does nor contain hard seed - it is fine ground powder, like flour, can be mixed with water. Tasty addition to your lifestyle

Collected in remote and unpolluted places of Southern Siberia. Nothing added – 100% natural. Not treated. As natural as it can be. Handpicked. Grows naturally and organically along the edges, river banks, pristine Siberian forest and ravines.

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